This year is all about giving your bathroom a retro feel with some classic throwbacks in design. If you love the Victorian style or industrial decor of the early 20thcentury, there are steps you can take to achieve those looks for your bathroom.

Gold and Brass Tone Hardware

The gold and brass hardware of old Victorian style baths is popular again. Even if you prefer the convenience and low maintenance requirements of newer tub styles, you can still add retro style to the enclosure with gold chrome faucet and shower heads. Copy this color accent throughout your bathroom to give it a cohesive appearance.

Urban/Industrial Styles

The exposed pipes, rough brick, and metal textures of the industrial era are also growing in popularity. If you want a more urban feel from your bathroom remodel, consider decorating in gray, black, and white tones. Choosing subway tile, brick, and stone textures and patterns adds an extra layer of interest. Finish your decorating with industrial inspired accent pieces, like a metal framed mirror, old fashioned light fixtures, and towel bars made with steel pipes.

Out-of-Sight Storage/Features

Minimalism is another trend that is showing up in the bathroom. People are getting rid of unnecessary accents and decor in favor of sleek, clean spaces. Consider minimalist cabinet hardware, and storing toiletries in built-in shelving or in hanging organizers. Once you start looking around you’ll see tons of ways to streamline the bathroom.

Spacious, Open Floorplans

The prevailing trend for bath design is all about removing walls and obstructions to make the room seem a little bit bigger. An easy way to give your bathroom a spacious feeling is by installing a walk-in shower with zero barrier threshold. These bath enclosures are easier to maintain, while also opening up your floor space.

At Luxury Bath of Texoma, we work hard to give customers the bathrooms of their dreams. It doesn’t matter what you want, from the latest trends to a classic update, our bath installers will make it happen. We even have a range of exclusive colors & patterns you can draw on for a fully custom bathroom remodel. Give us a call or fill out our online form to begin your bathroom renovation in Northwest Texas and Southwest Oklahoma with a free remodeling consultation and cost estimate.