Does maintaining a tidy bathroom feel impossible? There’s one easy trick that will make this dreadful task much easier to manage. What is this trick? Clean your bathroom every day.

Before you panic, there’s an upside.

It only takes five minutes!

Minute 1: Pick Up and Put Away

Take everything that does not belong on your bathroom counter and put it away such as hair care products, makeup, and toothpaste. Next, pick up any dirty cloths and towels that are on the floor and put them into the laundry bin. Simple as that!

Minutes 2-3: Wipe Surfaces

Grab your shower cleaning spray and give your shower a good misting. Do the same for your toilet bowl. Next, wipe down your bathroom counter and sink using your favorite multi-surface cleaner or disinfecting wipes.

Move on to the toilet and clean the handle, lid, seat, and base. Lastly, wipe down your shower and scrub the inside of the toilet bowel.

Tip for keeping it under three minutes: Have everything you need on hand. Create a cubby underneath your kitchen sink that contains your cleaners, wash rags, and wipes.

Minute 4: Clean the Mirror

Use a clean microfiber cloth to clean your mirror and sink faucet. Spray your mirror with glass cleaner or make your own out of black tea. Wipe the surface clean then put your cleaning cloth away. A hook on the inside of your bathroom cabinet door works great!

Minute 5: Final Touches

Take a minute to look around for anything else that needs to be done. Straighten out your shower curtain. Put out fresh towels. Restock toilet paper. Give your floor a quick sweep. Some of these tasks will only need to be done weekly, so your final minute can change from day to day.

Speed cleaning each day is a great way to stay on top of things, but that isn’t always enough.

If your shower or tub is severely stained, cracked, chipped, or difficult to use, then it might be time for a shower replacement or bathtub replacement.

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