bathroom remodel with radiant heating floor

One of the newest trends in bathroom construction and remodeling in recent years is the installation of smart features, like LED lighting, digital toilets, and touch faucets. Another installation that’s gaining in popularity in homes across the nation is radiant floor heating in the bathrooms—recommended by the US Department of Energy as an excellent option for energy-efficiency.

Luxury Bath of Texoma is one of the most reliable providers of all kinds of bathroom remodel options in Wichita Falls, TX. From radiant floors installations and other smart features to luxury bathroom renovations and more, we are dedicated to transforming our customers’ bathrooms into beautiful and modern spaces. In this article, our expert installers will explain what radiant flooring is and some of the benefits you can enjoy when you have this amazing feature installed in your home.

Radiant Floor Heating is Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient

Any upgrades to your home will cost money upfront. However, remodeling your home with newer and more efficient features—like radiant floor heating—will also raise the value of your home while saving you money in energy costs over the long run.

The heat of radiant floors extends beyond just the floor and can, in fact, heat the entire room. While forced air can overheat the room, the heat from radiant floors starts at the ground, allowing the whole room to become warm and comfortable. Underfloor heating does not involve intensive maintenance, and most companies offer radiant floor installation with a warranty, which will save you from costly repairs over the long-term

Because radiant floor heating is designed to keep heat trapped into the floor, less heat is lost in the top half of the bathroom, which makes the entire space warmer. With radiant flooring, you’ll be able to adjust the thermostat and floor temperatures in such a way that the heat is on at specific times only, which can reduce your heating costs significantly. Furthermore, radiant heat systems are more economical and energy-efficient than baseboard heating and forced-air heating, because no energy is lost through air-ducts.

Radiant Floor Heating Can Boost Your Property’s Value

Updating a home’s kitchen and bathroom areas offer the greatest return on investment of any other home remodeling effort. Bathroom upgrades and renovations with smart technology and energy-saving features, like radiant flooring, are excellent ways to raise the value of your home. Future buyers will love the opportunity to purchase a home with new, modern features like radiant flooring, especially after they learn that the in-floor heating system can save them up to 15% on heating bills (when the system is installed throughout the home).

Is Radiant Floor Heating Worth the Investment?

There’s no question that an in-floor heating system can increase your home’s comfort level and reduce energy costs. Another advantage to this flooring system is that it’s very easy to operate—especially with the smart thermostat and timers. Once you set it up to turn on and off at certain hours and at a certain temperature, you won’t have to think about adjusting the heat settings again for the rest of the season.
Safer Indoor Environment (And Better Air Quality) HVAC systems and radiators can be dangerous inside the home for a number of reasons. For example, radiators can be quite hot to the touch, which can be dangerous for younger members of the household. Also, forced air systems need continual maintenance to keep the air inside the home clean and healthy, and lack of maintenance can cause serious health problems that affect the entire household.

Heated flooring is neat, efficient, and saves space. The system is virtually unnoticeable and won’t get dangerously hot. It’s also better for preserving the quality of the air inside the home for a healthier indoor environment.

The Most Reliable Bathroom Remodel Company in Wichita Falls

If you decide to have radiant floors installed, finding the right bathroom remodel company that can best meet your needs is the key to a successful renovation. Luxury Bath of Texoma is one of the most trusted providers of a top-quality bathroom remodel service and energy-efficient products for more than 25 years.

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