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Your household evolves and your needs change over time. As should your bathroom. But is just meeting your requirements enough? We don’t think so.

If you have a shower but miss the relaxation of a long soak in your tub, Luxury Bath Texoma can help – our shower to tub conversion solutions can replace that walk-in shower with a new tub or a walk-in tub.

Shower to Bathtub Conversion

If your daily routine is stressful, and you yearn for a relaxing soak but have to settle for a shower, then it’s time for a change.

With a number of new bathtubs, beautiful wall surrounds and tub enclosure systems, you can have the tub-shower combo of your dreams.

Our shower to tub conversion begins with selecting the products for your dream bath. Work with our design experts to restyle your bath or find the perfectly coordinated products to match the rest of your bathroom.

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We then install the perfectly sized new tub and accessories to fit your existing space for a quick bathroom remodel. Enjoy your new tub in as little as just two days. And enjoy the low-maintenance durability of your new tub surface – resistant to scratches and chips, protected from mold and mildew – for the lifetime of your bath.

Walk-in Tubs for a Lifetime of Luxury

If accessibility is a concern and comfort is a necessity, then we have the perfect solution. Replace your shower with a tub with a door!

Select an innovative walk-in tub and have it all: jets for a relaxing massage, soft seat for comfort, high walls for a deep soak and a door for the ultimate in accessibility. Create a new daily routine with a shower to tub conversion plus the luxury of a jetted, deep soaker walk-in tub.

Luxury Bath Texoma can reimagine your bath with our professional bathroom conversion solutions. Expert, certified bathroom contractors can install your new tub-shower combo or luxurious walk-in tub in as little as two days. Contact the expert designers and bathroom remodelers of Luxury Bath today and let us show you how quick and affordable your bath conversion can be.