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If you’re getting ready for a bathroom remodel, you’re probably deep into the research process. Whether you’re renovating a small guest bath or a huge master bath, one of the most important decisions to make is what to do with the walls.

Should you go with tile surrounds, one of the most common choices? Or should you opt for something different, like acrylic wall surrounds? Before deciding between these two popular options, get a better idea by checking out the pros of each material below!

Pros of Tile Surrounds

Tile remains one of the most prevalent materials in bathrooms all across the country. Here’s why tile surrounds are often so appreciated:

  • Tile offers aesthetic versatility in color, texture, and material; it comes in glass, porcelain, stone, ceramic, and even manmade composites.
  • Compared to wall surrounds that are installed in a sheet, tile allows for simple repairs. If a tile breaks or cracks, it can typically be fixed at the individual level.
  • Depending on the material, tile surrounds can offer impressive durability. Natural materials like slate tend to be especially resistant to wear and tear.

Pros of Acrylic Wall Surrounds

While bathroom tile surrounds have been around for centuries, acrylic wall surrounds are comparatively much newer. Here’s why acrylic might be the right choice for your bathroom remodel:

  • While tile can be durable, acrylic wall surrounds are inherently durable. Because the acrylic has been specially formulated for bathroom use, it resists chipping, cracking, and denting.
  • Acrylic wall surrounds need fewer materials and tools to install, making them much more cost-effective and quick—sometimes requiring just a day.
  • Unlike tile surrounds, acrylic is grout-free and protected by Microban, saving you the toil of constant scrubbing. The low maintenance is a huge plus for busy families.
  • Today’s acrylic wall surrounds come in a wide range of customization options. If you really love the look of tile, you can even choose a faux tile texture!

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