Have you ever felt uncomfortable using someone else’s bathroom? You don’t want your guests to have the same experience, so what can you do to make this often-awkward space more inviting? If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, here are some guest friendly tips that will make your friends and family feel more at home.

Improve the Lighting

Bad lighting in your bathroom can create a dreary first impression. Freshening up is much easier when lighting hits the mirror just right, and no one wants to do their business in the dark. For a well-lit and more functional space, consider strategically placed lighting.

For example, you want even vanity lighting that doesn’t cast shadows on the face. You can also add task lighting above the bathroom shower and if your bathroom is big enough, add wall sconces for additional ambiance; a dimmer switch is recommended.

Replace the Toilet

An old and dirty-looking toilet simply won’t do. Sometimes all you need to do is replace parts of the toilet like the seat and lid. Other times a complete toilet replacement is in order. If you decide to go with a new toilet, take some time to research the different types and styles available. You might be surprised at all the options out there ranging from two-piece toilets to wall hug toilets and even smart toilets, to name a few!

Remodel the Shower

Would your guest turn away in disgust if they happened to peek behind your shower curtain? If your shower is outdated looking or impossible to keep clean, a new shower is one home improvement project you will be glad to make! There are virtually endless possibilities for style and function when remodeling your shower, so here are some quick ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

  • Install a neo-angled shower to maximize a corner space.
  • Acrylic showers are stylish and easy to clean.
  • No-barrier showers with built-in seating are perfect for easy-access.
  • Add a shower-bath combination for traditional style that works for everyone.

Add Touches of Comfort

Once your bathroom is bright, clean, and functional, all that’s left is adding those finishing touches. Start by adding some soft, high-quality towels. Maintain a soothing and fresh aroma with odor-neutralizing sprays, scented soaps, and air fresheners. Last, provide basic toiletries that your guests might need like toothpaste and toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Is your bathroom as inviting as it could be? If you’re ready to freshen things up with a new shower or bath, contact the team that goes above and beyond other bathroom remodeling companies—Luxury Bath of Texoma. Get a free bathroom renovation design consultation and cost estimate today!