walk-in bathtub

Each year thousands of people are treated at emergency rooms for bathroom slip-and-fall accidents, and many of the injuries are serious. Elderly homeowners and those with limited mobility are among the highest risk groups, and the fear of such an accident is why some leave their homes sooner than would be necessary if they could make their bathrooms more accessible.

There are many ways that you can create a safer bathroom for those with limited mobility including everything from adding simple bath accessories to installing a walk-in bath or shower.

If you’re going to invest in an accessible bathroom remodel, a multi-faceted approach may be best. Talk to your bath renovation specialist to design a custom plan that will perfectly meets your needs.

Accessible features you can add to your Wichita Falls bathroom include:

Grab Bars: 

Grab bars added to your existing tub or shower help by providing stability when getting in and out. Choose grab bars or handrails that are ADA approved, so you can be sure they will provide the strength you need.

Shower or Tub Seat: 

Another example of a change you can make to your existing tub or shower is the addition of a seat. This is useful for those who have trouble standing long enough to shower or who have difficulty sitting in a standard tub.

Bath Conversion: 

A tub-to-shower or shower-to-tub conversion can transform your bathroom into a more accessible space. We can replace a shower with a walk-in tub or an existing tub with a walk-in shower. Either way, we’ll use the footprint of your existing tub or shower, so there is no need to reconfigure the entire space.

Roll-In Shower: 

A zero-threshold entry, grab bars, and a non-slip surface are some of the features you’ll find on our roll-in showers. A walk-in shower provides the opportunity for independent showering—even for those who use a wheelchair.

Walk-In Bath: 

Don’t think that a walk-in tub has be cold or clinical; some are quite luxurious! You’ll have the safety of a low threshold, sturdy grab bars, and easy-to-reach controls along with premium features including a comfortable seat, soothing hydrotherapy jets, and more.

Don’t wait until you or your loved one suffers an injury. If you think a member of your household would benefit from accessible bathroom updates, contact Luxury Bath of Texoma today. Give us a call for more information about our services or fill out our online contact form now to request a free, no-obligation consultation with an accessibility specialist.